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New Ottoman passing across Aleppo, Mosul, Kirkuk, burning dream of its succession on Kurds’ walls [Part 1]

By | April 4, 2018

The presence of the Turkish occupation in Bashiqah, Idlib and Afrin is a background for a large Ottoman project that the Turks has been pursuing since the fall of the dictator Saddam Hussein, taking advantage of the opportunity to create chaos in order to reach its goal. But the question here is how it moved… Read More »

An Internationally Supported Occupation War in the XXI. Century

By | March 29, 2018

This article focuses on Turkey, its war in Afrin and its plans for Afrin without going into the details of the regional and international impacts of the war. The resistance, ideas and plans of those resisting, as well as the regional and international background and the collaboration of interests and contradictions of the different powers… Read More »

“The Forces Collaborated Against Öcalan Repeating it on Afrin”

By | March 12, 2018

İSTANBUL- Selahattin Soro, External Affairs Committee Member of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) said “There is a situation of collaboration regarding the genocide of Kurds. Just as like they had a common mind and plan during the special operation leading to the kidnapping of Öcalan [in 1999] the same is done today in Afrin.” and stated… Read More »

“Our Strategic Allies are the Global Democratic Forces”

By | February 21, 2018

KCK Executive Committee Member Riza Altun about the Lines of Conflicts and Alliances Emerging from the Attacks on Afrin Evaluating the invasion attempt on the Kurdish region Afrin in North Syria, KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Executive Committee member Riza Altun remarked that they continue their struggle within their own lines without depending on any other forces.… Read More »

“The Resistance of Afrin is a Historical Resistance”

By | February 20, 2018

Declaration of Hediye Yusuf, Co-chair of the Council of the Federation of Northern Syria, given to IC Afrin Resistance “Untill now, the Syrian State keeps silent against the occupation of its territory. Before this current situation Turkey already occupied Syrian territory in Jerabulus, Bab and Ezaz. Against this occupation the Syrian state had given some very… Read More »