Letter to the readers

By | June 22, 2018

Greetings to all readers,

As the team of the Information Center of Afrin Resistance, we want to communicate that due to the lack of human resources in order to develop properly the important work on the resistance of the YPG-YPJ forces and the people of Afrin, as well as illegal occupation of the Turkish State and the FSA groups, we have decided to pause the work. Another problem we came face to face to is the nearly impossibility to report about the situation in Afrin, as people are afraid to talk, being threatened by abduction, torture and murder by the occupying forces. Neither do we have the possibility to let our correspondents reach the region.
After almost 5 months of intense information work, IC Afrin Resistance team planed to make an evaluation of the progress so far and the search for new ways to develop the communicative work more effectively.

Furthermore, we must communicate that due to the complicated situation in Syria, where it is not easy to have direct contact between the members of the team, as well as the lack of technological and informative resources, our Twitter account @ICafrinresist has been blocked. Since we don’t have access anymore to the telephone number which is needed to recover the Twitter account, we contacted several times the technical support of Twitter. – Being left without any respond. Neither the applies to Twitter by accounts supporting the issue of Afrin resistance have been responded to. We are very concerned about this attitude of Twitter towards the issue.
We are looking forward to recover the account by which we would appreciate all those who can help you send a message to Twitter support or account @TwitterSupport asking us to restore the account.

Thank you very much for your follow-up to our networks and your interest in the resistance of Afrin.

Best Regards,

Information Center Afrin Resistance