Lost Girls of Afrin

By | April 18, 2018

18th April 2018, by Rojda Yildirim

All the evaluations made on rape crimes during the war conditions in terms of „fulfilling sexual needs“ is based on deep distortion of the reality in its essence. None of the rapes or sexual harassments, acted individually or as a group can be considered only about the impulses of the rapist.

The most important psychological motivation of act of rape is the power and domination relations which is wanted to be established on the ethnic identity that those women and children belong to. Invasion, pillaging, rape are patriarchal “show of force”. It includes many concrete goals such as dissolving the society which is seen as the other, ethnic cleansing, spreading fear and displacing.

What Turkish state and its gangs wanted to do via invading Afrin is exactly this. As some of the sources close to Turkish state claimed, those rapes are not only done by “a couple of wild furious gang”. This is a war strategy on purpose.

Even they try to hide the barbarity they realized in Afrin, they keep revealing things by themselves. Like the reporter of Haber Türk Veysel Ateş appropriating the wildness done by so called FSA gangs to YPG. In the interviews, the elderly from Afrin calls the gangs as “thief and terrorists” and shares important information: “they took our belongings and women, they raped three girls aged 15 last night here”.

This three sentences of speech by Kurd from Afrin is the most obvious expression of the Turkish state reality. Pillage, thievery, terrorism and rape. Nothing can tell the reality of occupation and war as powerful as this sentences.

All structures based on patriarchy describe invasion of a city to as a woman, they give the ideological and political messages of war through the female body. In this sense, the wars are not only run through geographies. Maybe even more is happening through women’s body. The first thing done by Turkish state in parallel with its own historical tradition is to apply this ugly tradition.

Civilians from Afrin who mostly inhabited in Şehba region now give information that shows the dimensions of this cruelty. The information we took from Kongreya Star representatives, which is the organizational structure of women in Rojava, is terrifying.

According to Kongreya Star, hundreds of women are missing. As a matter of fact, they specify that 150 women were taken from Afrin and brought to occupied territory of Azaz.

Moreover, the number of the cases of rape and kidnappings were not made clear due to the conditions of occupation. One Kurd from Afrin who does not want to share their name states that gangs wanted the daughter of a family from ENKS and when the family did not agree they killed all of them and took the young girl.

Another source we contacted, again who does not want to share their name, states that only in their neighborhood 21 women was raped and the average of the women raped was 15-16.

Among the information we receive, there are the facts that young women from Afrin are forced to get married with the gangs, families look for their children secretly, those families are either arrested and tortured or massacred. After the damage and violence in Alawite villages, the fact that Ezidis are forced to convert to Islam shows why Turkish state wants to invade Afrin.

It is obvious that it is not only a savageness, but genocide and feminicide that Turkish state wants to deepen on the subjectivity of women. We know this policies from the lost girls of Dersim whose number is still not known, thousands of Ezidi women from Shengal, Kurdish women who are sold to Arabic sheiks after the Enfal massacre.

Turkish state fascism who equals the women’s body and plunder of a city to each other tries to complete the so called occupation process via the concept of rape which occurs in the middle of women’s body, war and ideology triangle. With those rapes, it is obvious that they try to take the revenge of women resistance and heroism which became concrete with YPJ. Torturing of Barin Kobani’s body has such an ideological message.

We experience the war, the damages, the bombed buildings, exploding cars, lost lives, women, children…

There is a historical call and responsibility given to us by the sentences of a mother from Afrin whose daughter was kidnapped and raped in front of her own eyes: “I wish I have died instead of going through this”. We have to send the barbarity to where it belongs to, to its real owners, with the reality of our struggle in order not to make a woman or a mother wish “death from the God” and we have to ensure that Turkish state is being judged because of the war crimes. Our part is to make the reality of women, war and rage more visible, investigate, record and fight against this barbarity more systematically.

What the rapists cannot see is Kurdish women has already overcome “all the backwards ideologies built on body” with a limitless understanding of freedom.

One sentence addressing to the international mechanisms: feminicide is the deeper version, or base of the genocide, even the nuclear of it. When it is the reality, it should be your shame that the rape on women is not recognized as feminicide by etiher EU or UN…

Source Yeni Ozgur Politik

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