Fronts in the Third World War: Kurds without State and State without people

By | April 10, 2018

By Veysi Sarisözen

News from Efrîn and then Shingal and currently from Til Rifat are having a great effect upon the Kurdish public opinion.

Apparently the global powers are stay the course of splitting Syria into three parts. USA and Russia have green-lighted Turkish influence in North-East of Euphrates, eventhough the situation of Menbic is unknown. They also green-lighted Iranian influence in Latakia and Damascus. In return Russia is planning to keep its military existence on the Mediterranean coast of Syria and USA on the east of Euphrates, in Rojava and through this existence succeeding a balance in the region.

In this aspect the “silence” of the EU and UN states is understandable. USA and Russia, two global imperialist power; Turkey and Iran, two regional power are sharing Syria in this “Third World War” like in every other imperialist war we have seen.

To me, it is not a “lasting solution”. “Third World War” is far from being ended and the Syrian front is just a small portion of this war. For now the weakened Syria and Iraq only means a profit for Israel in the region.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

In every war the states who have the greatest contradictions reach a point of “agreement”, “dirty alliances”. Even though these “agreements” and “dirty alliances” are hurting peoples, they do not show that the conflicts and the disagreement between the fighting forces have vanished.

Look at those countries who apparently agreed on the fragmentation of Syria…

Last week USA declared an “economic war” against China. Eastern Asia have always been in the center of the USA foreign politics since the beginning. USA wanted to withdraw from Middle East and wanted to restrict China who is threatening USA in the global markets. And the “trade wars” started already.

USA didn’t object Russia provoking Turkey to attack Efrîn and Iran taking Latakia under control, however currently all NATO and EU countries initiated a “diplomacy war” with Russia, never seen since the Soviet times. These states are deporting Russian diplomats and Russians are responding the same way.

In addition to that, the contradiction between Israel and Iran, the danger of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, led USA to break the “nuclear” agreement with Iran. Iran is on the target of USA. Saudis and Iran may end up on the edge of war any moment.

As the conflicts deepened, USA and EU increased their efforts by having a tendency towards dirty compromises such as “giving up on Afrin, Shengal, Til Rıfat, Cerablus and El-Bab and also even maybe Minbic and giving them to Turkey as a gift” in order to pull Turkey apart from Russia-Iran, therefore China and re-connect it to NATO.

The destiny of Erdoğan is strongly connected to this chaotic environment.

If he resists in the axis of Russia- Iran, he will become one of the main targets of the NATO. If he leaves the axis of Russia- Iran, he will lose occupation territories he got in Syria.

But, the main thing is that, Turkish state as its recent situation so much rocked from its foundations, as soon as it approaches to USA again, it will find itself face to face with Iran. The USA, just like they pushed Saddam on Humeyni, will push Erdoğan on İran without a pity.

The conclusion I reach here is this: the temporary “balance” among global and regional states and “secret deals” made as a result of it can result against Kurdish people. But we should know that, the disagreements and deep conflicts between these states have a potential to lead to positive consequences for the Kurdish side.

It means the determinant will not be the deals or the contradictions between these states. The determinant will be the unity of the Kurdish peoples, the broad fronts they will establish and their potential for struggle.

Peoples are not just toys in the hands of states, and we should know Kurdish peoples have gained the support of the people of the world from Afghanistan to Latin America. The pre-condition for the revolutionary process is exactly this.

It is even enough to see this: Why are these states are forming “hidden alliances” against the Kurds and why are the peoples of the world are in “open” solidarity with Kurds?

Because the global states are aware of their “illegitimate”, “unlawful” and “based on dirty interests” ways of doing business.

And the peoples are shouting on the streets and in the media with a consciousness of doing a “rightful”, “legitimate” and “not looking after benefits” way of doing things.

This is the reality of the “Third World War” which was never seen before: In the first and the second World Wars the states achieved to make their own peoples enemy to each other, today they lost their own peoples in this war against the Kurdish people.

Kurds without a state” have almost turned the global states into “states without people”.

What do you think, are the “states without people” or the “Kurds without a state” who unite with the peoples of those states day by day, are winning?

Source Yeni Ozgur Politika

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