New Ottoman passing-across Aleppo, Mosul, Kirkuk [Part 2]

By | April 5, 2018

Declaration of the “State of the Caliphate” project closer to the Turkish dream in the region .. as a new attempt.!

The decline of the existence of terrorist organizations backed by Turkey, such Jabhat al-Nasra , al-Tewhid Brigade and Ahrar al-Sham by the Kurdish fighters in Rojava and the entire north of Syria at the end of 2013, and the increase of the influence of Shiite Iran and its militias in the Iraqi authority, increased fears of Sunni blocs of Turkey in Iraq and the blocs of Muslim Brotherhood who stole the revolution in Syria, it delivered Mosul, along with many other cities and surrounding towns to a new management led by IS to close the Shiite influence and expand on the expense of Kurdish areas to be close of Turkey for military and economic purposes.

Naji, head of the Nineveh Intelligence Office said “The actual governor in Mosul was the Turkish consul,” about the nature of Turkish rule in Mosul. “As the director of intelligence, he confirms with certainty that the most intrusive countries in Mosul were Turkey and that the Turkish consul he and some of his diplomats refused to leave Mosul when IS entered. They said to them, “You can leave and we have a job here, we know how to manage our affairs.”

The second stage of the occupation has been accompanied by pumping huge amounts of money and media support, logistics and foreign elements by Turkey.

Confessions of mercenaries, in addition to WikiLeaks documents and information from various agencies, including Turkey itself, have confirmed to the world the extent to which the Turkish government is connected to IS on all levels and how Erdogan used it to threaten Iraq and Syria as a bargaining card for his demands in both countries.

Erdogan has sent his delegation to Baghdad to bargain and ensure the activation of the role of the Sunni bloc in the government more and hit the Kurds in exchange for stopping the threat of IS and al-Qaeda, and sent a high-level delegation to Damascus to bargain for the latter to make amendments and grant a share of the bloc of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, in return for ending the armed opposition in Syria and stopping the flow of militants into its land.!

From the administration of the province to the administration of the caliphate … the most profitable trade for the sick Turkey ..!

IS dominated the most areas between Mosul and Aleppo, and increased the Turkish profit twice than it was obtained before IS, but increased the threat to the neighborhood in order to gain greater gains and negotiate on IS and Jabhat al-Nasra with the two governments and European countries, as we mentioned, and part of his diplomats remained In Mosul to protest against his non-participation in the alliance against IS and the non-use of its land for US air. To start the administration of this caliphate and the gift of its goods to strengthen the economy and the depletion of forces against the Ottoman dreams, amid the chaos created in the region.

The three years of IS’ existence on the Turkish border as a great economic renaissance for Turkey at the expense of the blood of the Syrian people and the good of their land, where the states of Gaziantep and Urfa and Antakya have become substitutes for the industries of Aleppo, Hama and Idlib and its agricultural and animal products after being stolen and exploited, International under “Turkish Merchant” control.

In Gaziantep alone, the number of Syrian companies were about 209 companies in a time of IS, and the volume of exports of this state during the first half of 2017 reaced to 3 billion and 187 million and 100 thousand dollars, according to the President of the Chamber of Industry in the state.

At a press conference held by the Russian Deputy Defense Minister in December 2000, he stressed that the Turkish High Command and President Recep Teyyip Erdogan are personally involved in the illegal extraction of Syrian and Iraqi oil and smuggling it into Turkish land.

After the Russian plane crashed in November 24, 2015, the Russian Ministry of Defense published satellite videos showing the convoys of smuggled oil trucks to Turkey on the Syrian border. The ministry explained the financial relationship between IS and Turkey, noting that the oil revenues are worth 3 million $ at least daily and that the organization’s income reaches 600 million dollars annually.
Wikileaks also published 57934 messages from the Turkish Energy Minister and Erdogan’s brother-in-law explaining their relationship with IS. Turkish officials Rafiq Yilmaz and Mohammad Ali Adib Oglu, deputies to a Turkish party, disclosed the government’s dealings with IS, stressing that ” Urfa and Kilis are received by the Erdogan government and its profits reach 800 million dollars, and that their intelligence are pumping weapons to the terrorists. ”

The Syrian Democratic Forces found documents proving the alleged links of IS in Syria to the Turkish states of Urfa, Gaziantep and Istanbul, where they were written in the official papers of mercenaries, claiming that no offer was received from the Turkish side “without a stamp and official signature from the governor of Al-Raqqa.”

The Turkish state has also tried to pass its well-known policy of demographic change, bringing hundreds of families of Uighurs, Turkestan, Dagestan, Tajikistan and even Turkey and other Asian countries to join the Caliphate state with great propaganda from the Turkish national media. In the region, and the effects of this change appeared when Syria’s Democratic Forces liberated al-Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and Manbij, where thousands of these refugees had fled from their countries through Turkey and invited to Syria under the pretext of the declaration of the Islamic caliphate!

Tomorrow: The Euphrates Shield and the National Crowd sanctuaries for the remnants of IS, and the Kurds burn the cards of the Ottoman caliphate on their borders.

Autor: Alan Roj

Source: ANHA