Humanitarian Situation and War Crimes

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(Special File) – The Yezidi people are exposed to genocide in Afrin and their holy places violated

18.02.18Human rights violations in Afrin the Turkish occupationists use of chemical weapons against citizens

10.02.18Violations of the Turkish occupation by shelling cultural properties and violating international and humanitarian laws

05.02.18War crimes of the Turkish Army


06.03.18 – Balance sheet of Women got killed in Afrin until 06.03.18

06.03.18 – Balance sheet of Men got killed in Afrin until 06.03.18

06.03.18 – Balance sheet of Children got killed in Afrin until 06.03.18

09.02.18Balance sheet of Children got killed in Afrin from 20.01.18 to 31.01.18


03.04.18 – Report about the work of the Kurdish Red Crescent and the difficulties faced on the field from 17.03.18 to 03.04.18

26.03.18 – Report on the situation of the displaced populations from Afrin

08.03.18 – Report on committed massacres by Turkish airstrikes against Afrin from 01.03.18 to 08.03.18

(Speacial File) – List of the urgent needed medicine in Afrin

12.03.18 – Report on committed massacres by Turkish airstrikes against Afrin from 01.03.18 – 08.03.18

21.02.18Children victims of Turkish attacks on Afrin from 20.01.18 – 21.02.18

20.02.18Report about Basuteh massacre

19.02.18Detailed document about women in Afrin, victims of Turkish attacks

05.02.18Casulties due to Turkish airstrikes on the region Afrin

02.02.18Effects of the war on the civilians in Efrin

30.01.18Humanitarian situation in Efrin after 11 days of Turkish attacks


20.03.18 – Children suffering under the Syrian war

13.03.18 – Crimes against humanity in Afrin

08.02.18The attacks on Afrin target women’s liberation and democratic alternatives

30.01.18Civilian victims of war on Afrin- especially women and children


06.03.18 – Balance of the Injured and Murdered Civilians

05.03.18Massacre in Freriye / Jinderesse district 

05.03.18The bombardment on Kharatapa village in Shara district

03.03.18Civilians in Afrin were subjected to indiscriminate bombardment by the Turkish war machine

28.02.18Civilians targeting by Turkish Occupant Army in Baddina village

27.02.18Another civilian sacrifice of occupant Turkish Army’s bomb

26.02.18Injured civilians who were targeted by Turkish Occupant army

24.02.18Genocide in Khantara village in Mabata district


09.04.18 – The Turkish Occupation of Afrin, Mass Displacement of the Population and Situation of Refugees in Shehba for the UN

March 18 – Report on the impact of the state of emergency on human rights in Turkey, including an update on the South-East by Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

02.03.18Impact of the Turkish invasion of Afrin on the civilian population by 21 NGOs

23.02.18 – Civilian Deaths in Turkish Attacks May Be Unlawful by Human Rights Watch

16.02.18Genocide under command of Turkish President T.R.Erdogan in Afrin by NADEL and KHRAG Cape Town, RSA

15.02.18Against the war crimes committed by the Turkish Army in Afrin Nordthern Syria by Maf-Dad and further

29.01.18Refugees who are living in Afrin and the Turkish State policy towards them by TEV-DEM